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Windows 2003 Cluster clone does not identify the disks anymore


I'm trying to replicate my prod SQL Cluster environment into an isolated network.

The Current setup is 2 node Windows 2003 Ent. SP2 with MSCS CLuster hosted in VMware with the data disks connected as RDMs including the quorum. SCSI sharing is enabled.

I had powered down the VMs and  cloned the datastore and RDM LUNs at the storage level and re-presented with different UIDs.

I added the VM to inventory and removed existing RDM disks and added the new RDMs. Changed the network to private and powered on the VM, RDM disk shows up in disk management but when tried to access I get an error "Device is not ready"

When I connect the RDMs to another windows 2003 STD or Windows 2008 the disk shows up without any issues. but same issues with windows 2003 ent.

I'm not able to bring up the cluster since quorum disk is also in that

I'm not sure how to proceed on this any suggestions will be helpful.
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