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I have copied the Contents of an OS Disk that I have so I have the RAW files



but I want to make a bootable ISO image from them

The contents are copied from a DELL OS that came with the PC I no longer have the original disk but I did manage to copy the Content

Is this possible
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Scott SilvaNetwork Administrator

Try starting with a bootable ISO of a similar OS, and replace the files. You will need software capable of copying and modifying iso files.
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Why don't you just order the factory recovery DVD's from Dell? That usually is very inexpensive...

Or if the OS is still running, there should be a utility installed that allows you to create your own recovery DVD's.

Or you can even restore it to factory defaults by booting into the recovery partition. How that is used is explained in the PC's manual, or you should also find it on Dell's website in the help section.
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