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Fastest Chip for Gigabyte GA-F2A68HM-HD2 Motherboard


Im upgrading the CPU on the above motherboard for a client. From what I can find, the fastest CPU for this motherboard is AMD A10-6800K Richland 4.1 GHz, can anyone confirm this is the fatest?

Also, I notice these AMD chips also have onboard graphics, the PC already has a Geforce 970 so is there a AMD chip which fits this motherboard which doesnt have the overhead of a GPU built in?

Thanks in advance
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Dirk Mare
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>>  You can achieve much better performance from upgrading graphics and memory or from hdd to SSD  <<  this is also my opinion

better post WHY hy wants to upgrade the cpu - or buy a mobo with an intel i-7 chip
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The box already has 8gb of memory and a Geforce 980Ti installed so this is the final piece of the puzzle to make the machine as quick as possible.
yes -ok but WHY is it needed?
if for gaming, i doubt it will change the speed much; but will cost a bit
Do you have a SSD in this system?