Domain network reverting to Work network after restart.

Pavol Vrabec
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Hello we have a big problem in our organization. Client computers keep reverting from Domain network to Work network after restart of PC. When we do some modification od NIC (turning on/off ipv6 etc) It turns to domain network, but after restart revert to work network again.

Windows Server 2012

Pls help :(


Pavol Vrabec
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Check the system event log for NETLOGON errors.  Essentially, if the computer is unable to authenticate to the domain, it will show NETLOGON errors, and the NLA (Network Location Awareness) service will switch you to "Work" as your computer is not authenticated to the domain.  If you do find NETLOGON errors, then you need to try to troubleshoot why they are occurring.  

If for example, your client is configured to use multiple DNS servers, then it's possible that one of them is responding, but not providing the SRV records needed for the computer to authenticate to the domain.


We find the solution to our problem!

We add DNS suffix to IPV4 Properties.

Thanks for help.

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