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Remote Desktop connection to Windows 10 machine

I work in an office and frequently will have to remote in from another computer to my own through a Microsoft Remote Desktop connection. In the past I have had no trouble with it. However I'm finding now that I am on Windows 10 (With the newest updates) the remote connection often "stalls" out. For example, I just tried to remote in from a Windows 8.1 computer to my Windows 10 (Pro, they're all Pro machines) and I am able to connect, login, even get to the Windows 10 screen. But then the whole thing goes black and I can't get anywhere else, even if I disconnect and reconnect from the remote machine. If I then go back to my computer it's completely stuck with a black screen and I have to manually shut off the PC and turn it back on.

Originally I thought it was only remoting  from a Windows 10 to Windows 10 machine but it's happening on other versions as well. More information:

Main Machine: Windows 10 Pro
Remote Machines: Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Domain Controller: Windows Server 2008 R2

Any help would be appreciated!
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