Cannot do Remote desktop to server

i have 5 server connected in a fail over cluster 2012 , since few days there is an strange issue.
1. Randomly any of the server will be not accessible (  target computer not accessible shows in Server Manager).
2. I cannot do the RDP to that particular server.
3. Ping is working with that server.
4. I cannot able to do click or type on that server on i connect it thorugh Hp ILo port.

Once this issue are report from any of the five servers randomly i need to restart it physically or do a cold reset from ILo.
after the restart all the above issue will be working normally, and after few days another server will have the same issue & i need to redo the same steps.
can anybody help me to sort out this strange issue.

Thank you
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Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
Sounds like hardware failure or driver issue.  When you connect via ILO, are you able to logon and validate if you could ping from the affected computer?  Have you ensure you have the latest firmware and drivers installed on the servers?
aaziz_616Author Commented:
Thanks for the response,  when i connect with ILO  i can just view the windows login screen, as keys will not work.  yes we have the latest firmware & drives installed, this is not only the single server this issue will randomly come to all servers.

Thank you
Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
If all the servers are using same hardware then it could be an issue with the hardware or the firmware.  Have you checked with the hardware provider to see if there are any know issues?  Could you provide a listing of your hardware?
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aaziz_616Author Commented:
I have C7000 Enclosure with HP BL460 blade servers.
connected with a SAN storage with SAN switch and virtual Connect.
this setup is working since more than a year without any issues. but recently I started this issues.
Dirk KotteSECommented:
after server is rebooted, are there eventlog entries for the time the server is unusable?
are useful hints within this entries?
aaziz_616Author Commented:
No there are no entries for the issue, one of the event in failover cluster manager  says that the Blade was removed from Hyper-v fail over cluster.

once the issue occurs  i can do the RDP for the VMS hosted on that effected node, but i cannot do the RDP to that host it self.
Dirk KotteSECommented:
i think the Windows-OS at the host is not stable.
as explained by Mohammed Khawaja "it could be an issue with the hardware or the firmware. " ... or Drivers or installed Software at the hosts.
do you use antivirus, backup or some other Software at the host-OS-Level?
aaziz_616Author Commented:
no i dont have any backup or antivirus client on the host server.

does it require any windows update on HOST server, as i dint update any of them since we are using this Failover cluster environment.

Dirk KotteSECommented:
i think our cluster / hyper-V team install all windowsupdates at the host systems also.
do you install device/vendor specific drivers ? You should update firmware and vendordrivers too.

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