Challenge for Excel Heros "find the sorting history of a worksheet with VBA"

Flora Edwards
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i have a very challenging problem in Excel.

i extract in a weekly basis a report from our warehouse database system, then i send this to asset holders to fill in missing information in the columns specified. the problem i have is that users they always sort data based on different columns and when i get the data, i cannot compare them with my original file, because the data is messed up with too many sortings.

I need any help in any kind of solution that can help me, with the following.

when i receive the files from each different customer, they have messed up the sorting, they applied many sorting and removed filters from the file. How would i be able to revert the sorting order back to my original file which was sent to them.

is there any macro or any kind of trick that restores the sort order for all of the columns back the same way it sent to them?

this problem made me crazy,  please help.
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You can add column with sequent numbers to your worksheet and use it for restore original order
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thanks so much. i did not realize it was that easy. make me think how stupid i am.

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