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We have an old server that is not in production that has an external drive with files that were backed up by Symantec backup exec.  The server has crashed and we need to access that external drive for files needed in for a lawsuit.  I built a Windows 2003 server and installed the backup exec software and created a backup group.  The server recognizes the files on the external drive but I am unable to create a restore job.  Any help with this would be appreciated.  When I try to create a restore job the error message pops-up that a backup group etc.  The computer is not a domain computer and is not joined to the network.
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Have you re-cataloged or imported the old backup jobs?  That's normally a requirement before you can restore from any foreign media.
Mr TorturSystem Engineer

Please give the full error message that pops up.
I think you'll have to join that PC to the domain and make a username that is a member of the backup operators group.  I have no clue what will happen if the username(s) you are restoring don't exist anymore; but, you better make sure the files are restored to a different location than they were originally.

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