How to hide main menu in admin panel [Drupal-7]

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Hi Drupal Experts,

we have a drupal theme that shows the main menu even though we logged in as admin .Its possible to hide that

Thanks in Advance Experts.....
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What do you mean by "main menu"?


means main navigation
What menu (if any) do you expect to see once your'e logged in?
What is the theme that your'e using?
You can do this with editing your page.tpl.php or Template file where the main menu has been defined.

Try adding the condition as below

global $user;
  // Check to see if $user has the administrator role.
  if (!in_array('administrator', array_values($user->roles))) {
  // code for menu menu

Open in new window


Go to Structure > Menus and edit main menu. Un-tick where it says "Include this menu in the "the menu selected by the page" menu available to menu blocks"

I hope this will resolve the issue.


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