Vlan issue with HP Procurve.

Dear EE's,

I have an vlan issue with hp procurve for a new requirement.

I have network setup as below.

Load balancer -> HP Swith (VLAN) -> Firewall (Sonicwall and Fortigate)

HP Swith is split in to 3 VLANs as below:
VLAN10 - Ports 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23
VLAN20 - Ports 2-tagged,4,6,8,10,12
VLAN30 - Ports 2-tagged,14,16,18,20,22,24

Loadbalancer only got 1 Lan output it is connected to "Port 2" (tagged to VLAN20 & VLAN30)) of HP Switch, so i created sub-interface in Lan port of loadbalancer and define 2 subnets, LAN1( - VLAN ID 20) & LAN2( - VLAN ID 30).

Fortigate WAN1 is connected to "port 4" (vlan20) of hp switch and SonicWALL WAN1 is connected to "port 6" (vlan20).

Fortigate WAN2 is connected to "port 14" (vlan30) of hp switch and SonicWALL Wan2 is connected to "port 16" (vlan30).

My requirement is to achieve:
Fortigate WAN1 need to get subnet
Fortigate WAN2 need to get subnet

Sonicwall WAN1 need to get subnet
Sonicwall WAN2 need to get subnet

Unfortunately from loadbalancer only one 1 lan output. Please help me to achieve this.

What i tried already?

Port 2 made tagged and added to VLAN20 and VLAN30. But its not working.

Kindly support me.

Shamil MohamedIT Infrastructure Engineer/IT Systems ManagerAsked:
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Hi Shamil,

Thanks for explaining the setup, I appreciate the details. I'm just not clear on what the issue is exactly.

You said that you created a sub-interface for VLAN 20 and VLAN 30 in the load balancer, correct? From the SonicWALL, are you able to ping the load balancer's IPs?

1. Login to the SonicWALL's GUI
2. Expand the System menu
3. Go to the Diagnostics page
4. From the Diagnostic Tool dropdown, choose Ping
5. Enter the IP of the load balancer (one at a time), then click the Go button
6. See the results when the test is finished

Can we see the configuration of ONLY switch ports 2, 4, 6, 14, and 16?

Working with sub interface and TAGGED vlans is not easy. So, if it is not must would be better to work with access ports.
In HP access ( not tagged ports ) you may create like (example):
conf t
vlan 10
ungatted 1    / load balancers port
untagged 2  / firewall port
vlan 20
untagged 3  / firewall port
untagged 4 / server port

for a testing issues, if you give a ip address to switch itself you can ping from there:
HP ip address assignment:
conf t
vlan 10
ip address

ping -> fw ip or server ip

PS: no any sub interfaces are needed.

I respectfully disagree; based on the diagram provided in the OP, it does appear that VLAN sub-interfaces will be required at the load balancer. It shouldn't be very challenging to get the configuration implemented correctly once we know what the issue is.
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Why you want to configure sub interfaces. In a switch side it is very easy and just needed to make TAGGED that vlan. But in load balancer side there is much more configuration needed to be done.
Shamil MohamedIT Infrastructure Engineer/IT Systems ManagerAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys,

Thanks for your support guys.

I managed to get it done.
( there is a small change i done. LAN output from Loadbalancer moved from 'port 2' to 'port 6' for the ease of visual identification.)

Here for understanding VLAN10 and VLAN20 are the names I mention in the question is for scenario purpose only.

vlan table from procurve
What I did actually is: -

In VLAN10, ( Actually its vlan20 according to attached picture) 'port 6' got to keep UNTAGGED, where default_vlan network is connected, ie:

and In VLAN20, ( Actually its vlan101 according to attached picture)  'port 6' got to be TAGGED.

(Its my understanding from official device related manuals itself said to keep port tagged on both vlans, may be my understanding is wrong or read wrongly).

Then i gave IP address to VLAN10 section in switch according to vlan10 subnet 172.16.10.X and for VLAN20 section in switch gave 172.16.20.X from vlan20 subnet respectively. Then after test it working !!!!!!!!!!

Result is:
From Loadbalancer both vlans VLAN10 and VLAN20 is connected to 2 vlans section of the same switch and both secondary wans of firewalls received ips from there own vlans, fortigate WAN2 received ip from default_vlan (vlan10 mentioned as per the question) and sonicwall received ip from vlan101 (vlan20 mentioned as per the question).

Thank you guys for you kind responses and support. Thanksss alot Mr. Askincakir & Mr. Tyrant.


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Shamil MohamedIT Infrastructure Engineer/IT Systems ManagerAuthor Commented:
Please correct me if I did anything wrong or any thing else got to do as best practice. Thank you.

Hi Shamil,

Glad to see that you got it working.
Your welcome
Shamil MohamedIT Infrastructure Engineer/IT Systems ManagerAuthor Commented:
I did found out the real issue through an idea which i read through from other forum webiste.

Thank you.
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