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Matthew Hinchliffe
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Hi Guys

I am taking on a new client from an existing IT services provider and as part of the transfer they are moving their Mail services from an old Exchange server to a new Exchange 2013 server that I have built.

My question is, what would be the best way to transfer the existing mailboxes to the new platform ?  Is it best to take PSTs of each users mailbox and them import them into the new system once all the new mailboxes have been set up  or is there a way to bulk export the mailboxes.

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AmitIT Architect
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If Exchange is install in same Org. Then you just need to move mailbox to new server. Check with them first, if this inter org transition or cross forest migration. If you still want to export to PST and user count is low, then you can do it via Outlook. However, moving mailbox is straight forward way.
Matthew HinchliffeIT Engineer



Thanks for the reply Amit.  Unfortunately the Exchange servers are completely separate.  The original server is an Exchange 2003 that I think is a physical server the new Exchange server is hosted in our data centre and is running Exchange 2013 and it is a VM.
IT Architect
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You cannot migrate from 2003 to 2013 directly, do you mean to say 2013 is in different forest? If yes, then you need to extract into PST and import it. You also need to create new ID's for users. Lot of work.

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