New Process Id in IE11 32 bit


In IE 11 32bit Protected mode, as soon as Internet explorer is launched I get a process ID(4565) and it gets changed as soon as page is fully loaded (New Process id - 5678).
Is there any way to get new process Id in javascript ?

I use the below code to launch IE.

var URL = "";
var wshShell = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell");
var IEVersion = "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Internet Explorer\\IExplore.exe " + URL; //32bit
//var IEVersion = "C:\\Program Files\\Internet Explorer\\IExplore.exe "+URL; //64 bit
var LaunchApp = wshShell.Exec(IEVersion);
var AppProcessId = LaunchApp.ProcessID;
alert(AppProcessId );

ProcessId I see in alert and in task manager is different in IE11 32 bit.
Do you have any sample code to grab new processId in javascript Window script host ?
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This is a common problem since IE 8. The page is allocated to one thread and can migrate to another thread later. When IE used child processes to which it allocated pages, this migration got worse, since the mother process could switch the page from one child to another, a child process could switch the page from one thread to another. This basically means that according to the number of child proceses which have been created you'll get that number of different process IDs.

Launching IE 11 creates a mother process which then creates child processes.

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