OneDrive - function as folder without syncing?

I have a tablet that has a small SSD. My plan is to use OneDrive for my primary storage.
Is there a way to use OneDrive as primary storage without syncing?
The problem is if I have a folder sync setup, then my local hard drive will fill up before my OneDrive does, rendering my OneDrive useless.
Just want to be able to open Office locally and save to / open from OneDrive folder.
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Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
You dont really have to use the desktop client, just upload files directly via the web interface and download them as needed. The new, next-gen sync client for ODFB has the selective sync capability, which allows you to only sync down specific folders, this is another option.

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garryshapeAuthor Commented:
Darn. So the folder is shown in the Open/Save dialog, it has to be folders that are synced? Can't just show up like a mapped drive to the internet?
I know with Google and Sharepoint I used to be able to map drives to them.
Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
You can map it as network drive/network location, the trick is to get it to stay connected :)
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garryshapeAuthor Commented:
Interesting thought.
That's what I read and it seems like it will be a challenge.

Out of curiosity, I wonder why it wouldn't stay connected?

I wonder if you login to O365 via Powershell if it can map the drive for you and be turned into a logon script or a scheduled task?
Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
Because of token expiration. You either have to periodically login via the browser (or say PowerShell script that emulates browser login) to renew the token, or configure the UsePersistentCookiesForExplorerView setting via Set-SPOTenant ( Havent tested the later one though, so I cannot guarantee it will work for ODFB mapped as drive.
garryshapeAuthor Commented:
ok ty
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