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I am doing my IT Business and I am looking for tools on how to fix iPhones/iPADs/Android/Galaxy devices. I understand that the PC repair business has been taking over with iPhone and other devices. I need to be ready to service these clients. I am also doing MSP and managing clients devices (computers, routers, etc.), so I am looking for a MSP software to do so. I understand that Connectwise and Labtech works well, however they are pricey. Is there any others you suggest? Thanks,

Jaime CamposAsked:
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Rob LeaverSr. Network & Server EngineerCommented:
Connectwise is not an MSP - It is more of a ticket/inventory/billing system.

Maybe look at a company called Continuum - pretty reasonable price - Same functionality as labtech
Rob LeaverSr. Network & Server EngineerCommented:
R. Andrew KoffronownerCommented:
you can actually youtube nearly any phone repair, and watch like 10, some are idiot hack jobs, a few are really professional, pay attention the tools they use, and especially the mats, some have jigs built to hold specific phones at correct heights. I don't know of an All-inclusive set of tools, but even if they had one, it'll be outdated in a year as fast as phones change.

I used to do a lot of phone repairs, but now-days I drop them off to a shop in the morning , and pick them up afternoon. I make a small markup but I just can't afford the time required for tedious work, and still do a good job at running networks.
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Jaime CamposAuthor Commented:

Your right. I am more of a Network & Server guy. I see a lot of shops that offer Phone and tablet repairs. I figured I would do PC Repair and Residential support to get my feet wet, but I see a lot of users needing phone repair and I figured that may be a way into the door to other services. Thoughts?
R. Andrew KoffronownerCommented:
I deal with almost all Professional Corporations, I used to have a shop and 5 cars on the road a couple techs in house, doing residential work, in my opinion it's worthless except to train techs to be very broadly experienced, 90% of the time residential work, is either a gazillion hours you can't really expect Mrs. Cleaver to pay, for removing her 247 virus, and 2000 coupon apps, or it's a backup, format, reload, restore.  
When the repair bill is going to go past 1/2 the value of the machine, "I" think I have a moral obligation to tell a client, look I can fix this, but when I'm done you're still going to have an old machine without warranty and really the better the use of your time would be to have me come back and move your info to a new machine.

Bottom line backup, format, reload, restore is just slightly better than a minimum wage job, I could nearly train my dog to do it(he'd need thumbs though).

I charge for Service, sometimes it's format reload, most of the time, it's getting the right equipment and know-how in place to make the network run like it's in a major huge business, and never be down.  sometimes it's making websites, or project managing application development, but it's never super tedious shi!# I can make 20% on and deliver(as a service item to a client) on my way to another job,

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Jaime CamposAuthor Commented:
Andrew have u ever tried getting into MSP for businesses IT support? Charging a block of hours to maintain build servers desktop management, help desk support and network support? I hear you about residential and feel the same way but I figure I'd start somewhere. I've worked at Rackspace, and worked for a MSP BUSINESS as a Windows admin. I know there's money in IT SUPPORT cloud services, but need a business plan to get started. I'm back and forth from doing residential and just doing IT for businesses.
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