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SQL Server - Openquery via linked server

I have a complicated setup that I'd like to query across in one step if possible.  Please let me know any thoughts!

I setup a linked server from a 2012 64-bit SQL Server to a 2008 R2 32-bit SQL Server.  That works fine.

I then setup a linked server on the 2008 R2 box to a 32-bit non-SQL Server database on another server via an ODBC connection on the 2008 R2 box.  This connection doesn't behave like normal linked servers in that you can't call the other database like [linkedServerName].database.owner.table.  You have to use openquery.  It took some effort, but that works fine, finally...

I would now like to query the non-SQL Server database that is linked to the 2008 R2 SQL box from the 64-bit SQL box via the linked server I setup on it that talks to the 32-bit box.  I have yet to get that to work.  Does anyone know if that's possible?  (Query an openquery linked server across a linked server that crosses the 64 to 32 bit environments?)

I can create a database on the 32-bit box for the data I need out of the non-SQL Server database, then query that across the linked server environment, but I'm trying to do it without that extra step and overhead.

Microsoft SQL Server

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