the user name admin is not a recognized user

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Hey guys,

We have a company file here we've been working on for some time, all of a sudden today we get the message; "the user name admin is not a recognized user" any ideas on how to fix it?
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Assuming it's a QuickBooks file, are you sure "admin" is the correct name?

If you're sure, and it won't work try a backed up file and see if that works.

If there is no backup, call Intuit and see what they can do.


Yes admin is the correct username, dont have anohter backup.

ANy other options before calling Intuit?
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Is there another administrator in QuickBooks so that you can reset admin?

If not, and if you cannot administer QuickBooks, you will have to call Intuit Support.

You will likely need to rebuild the company file but you must be administrator to do this.

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