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Windows Explorer not showing mapped drives

We have a client that runs win7 64 bit PC's and are domain bound to a SBS 2011 Standard Server,

On the clients PC's windows explorer would load but didn't load the libraries, mapped drives, or computer on the left hand side and nothing in the main window.  meaning you wouldn't be able to browse to the C: drive using the drop down menu on the left hand side.

But when i remoted on and clicked start>computer, it loaded up and everything was there again as normal, all mapped drives, all libraries.  When you then close Computer and go back to open Windows Explorer using the taskbar shortcut everything was back to normal (like opening Computer from the start menu reset Windows Explorer).  

My question is regarding what may have caused this, as this issue has happened on all Staff's PC in the office (approx. 30 devices).

Windows 7Microsoft Server OS

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