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Free email and calendar provider for Scout Group

I am looking to setup an online tool for the Scout group with which I am involved.

Ideally it would enable:
1) multiple email addresses, one for each of the leaders eg leadername@scoutgroup.provider.co.uk; I am anticipating the provider name in there but not required; the group name would be required though so that recipients of the email will know who it came from. This would enable leaders to communicate with the remainder of the group and parents without releasing their personal emails. One of these would probably be an admin address for central communications, in and out.
2) contact database for storing parents and leaders contact details, phone and email address.
3) access to a group calendar where each of the different levels of the scout group can post their activities and committee can post use of the headquarters etc.
4) online storage of documents which is accessible in multiple ways, particularly mobile as we do not have any means of getting online while at the HQ. Being a youth organisation the access to the documents would have to be restricted to those who are given access as we do not want personal data getting out.

Many years ago I had Wanadoo and Supanet accounts. Both of these gave the option of online storage and multiple tailored email addresses and online storage. I now have BT account which allows 10 email addresses within the family all accessible independently of each other; not separate folders within one mailbox like their disposable address option.

Do Google Groups or Yahoo Groups provide this functionality?

This would have to be free as the Scout Group is a self funded organisation. I understand being free will probably restrict the number of tailored emails and the amount of online storage but I don't anticipate this being an issue; 15-20 email addresses and maybe 2-5Gb of storage will probably be sufficient.

Any suggestions??

Many thanks
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