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video downloader

I am looking for a video downloader that is very easy to use and has versatile functionality also to use on my Samsung galaxy note 4 smartphone. Free is always good but I don't mind if I have to pay for it if it is justifiable and reasonable price.
Currently I am using Real times by real.com formerly Real Player , I run in to some problems with it some times . I have paid version~$30.00 it also offers cloud storage.
Thank you
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If you run to problems usually something needs updating.
Tube Video Manager has good rating  Basem
Remember by default, Android won't let you install software from sources other than Google Play. Tap Settings, Security (it's in Lock screen and security), then enable the option to allow installation from Unknown sources. Tap Ok to the warning. Remember to reverse this setting .
 You should be able to access the downloaded .apk file from your drop-down notification bar; if you've already cleared the notification then you'll need to use a File Manager if you don't have a direct link to your Downloads folder. For peace of mind you might want to use a security app such as Lookout to scan the file before you install it, otherwise you can simply tap on the notification to begin the installation.
If its not Working In all phone You Can Use Mediaclip
Basem Khawaja

Thank you my friend as always. My question does it work on windows 8.1 OS as well?? and does it offer cloud storage ??
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William Peck

How are you..Basem
Um no lol, this is an app for Android, I didn't realize you needed a bit more,
if you wanted an app that downloads video has cloud storage belongs to (Microsoft)
works both on windows 8.1 and your Samsung galaxy note 4 smartphone (Android) I doubt there is any available  for both and with cloud storage as an App, I donot know sorry.
However a work around would be to use a browser such Chrome and or Fire Fox and then add a video downloader to the browser.
GetThemAll Video Downloader ( Chrome)
Firefox Video Downloader Helper the FF browser with this add on should run okay on both but of course no cloud storage.
Sometimes video that don't work in Chrome works in FF.
However Basem when we look at the specks of your Samsung,  I linked above under Android,
you could upgrade the memory>
Internal      32 GB, 3 GB RAM
 and has MEMORY Card slot >> so you can install a microSD, up to 128 GB
Micro SD EVO+ 128GB Memory Card w/ Adapter - Samsung  YOUR PRICE: $69.99

Personally I use Youtube Downloader Pro, there is a free version and paid for version, works in both windows, the free version works fine, the pro has a yearly subscription of 29 dollars no Microsoft Cloud Storage.
And the Fire Fox Helper.
Have you heard of Dropbox it has merged with Cloud and is an  web app
Cloud app vs. web app: Understanding the differences
Regards Merete
Basem Khawaja

My phone has the 128 GB Evo SD card. I have Real times for years on my desk top and it has 9 GB free storage they offer more at a cost and I have it on my Note 4 but I guess it is not configured right . I could watch movies that are stored on it but the downloading recording button that comes up on Desktop version does not appear on mobile version. But I will look into all of that valuable information U provided me. U r a true IT and every other blessing to me and a lot of other people out there.
Thank you my friend:)

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Basem Khawaja

Yes I actually have it now. But as I said sometimes I run into problems with it . Maybe I need to uninstall it and reinstall. and perhaps buy more cloud space.
Thank you my friend as always. U r truly a GENIUS !
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Basem Khawaja

Genius of all times !

Awe Basem you're too kind .
If you are running out of space on Cloud I use Dropbox which has now merged with Cloud,
Like Cloud you have certain amount of free space.
There is Google Drive has lots of space 15 gigs pretty cool
Have a look you might find this interesting
OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and Box: Which cloud storage service is right for you?
Cloud storage comparison
Thanks again and happy to help
regards Merete