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Avaya IP Office Long Distance Codes

We are utilizing Avaya IP Office 8.1 for our phone system.  We also have 3 digit  Long Distance codes that we are required to put in (carrier supplied).   I have the need to forward an extension to a number which is long distance but I have been unable to get the LD code to work when I add it to the forwarding tab on the user (extension).   If I put an external number in, it works fine as long as it is local.  If LD, and I add the code directly after the number the line just rings and never seems to go anywhere.  I tried adding some commas (,,,) after the number and before the code thinking that might act as a pause but it does not let me do that.
Any ideas?

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So do your users dial numbers with the prefix carrier codes thirteen digits, or do they just dial the ten digits an the system add's the carrier (PIC) routing preference.  

Also, is this really a PIC code, or is it an internal routing mask ?
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They dial the 10 digits (prefix 9 to get outside line), then the carrier requires a 3 digit code (users hear a tone at which time they need to enter their 3 digit LD code.     Trying to get this accomplished through the forwarding tab.

Not sure what a PIC code is...

    Then the only way to do that based on what you described would be the coma (pause character) after the dial string -- Only other alternative I can see is to get a local voip or google number and forward to the LD number so your switch can fwd to a local number, and that number can ring where ever.  So like a Foreign Exchange from the tel co.

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