Please explain to me named.stats file

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I don't quite understand BIND9's statistics file named.stats. Couple of things:

1.)  +++ Statistics Dump +++ (1453303803)  - what does it mean? Is it when the file was created? And One and half billion - are those seconds counting from 1970? Is there a more human-friendly way to see it?

2.) Below that we've got some statistics. But it's totally unclear to me what's the starting point? Is it from the first installation of BIND9 on my particular system and its first run OR maybe from certain point in the past OR perhaps from the time of last restart?
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1453303803 is Wed, 20 Jan 2016 15:30:03 GMT

Use this on your terminal:
date -d @1453303803

And to answer your second question: the statistics are from when your named server was first installed/started.

To get any meaning out of that file you would typically run rndc stats every hour/day and compare the results.
The timestamp is when you last run that command.


Thanks for your reply!

Just to clarify a few things... "A timestamp" in this context is 1453303803? Might be easier just to see in Nautilus when the named.stats file was created? If I understand it right, those two should be the same?

I see ... won't help much to know the stats from the very beginning. Daily comparison as you proposed seems to be a good idea!

Yup, those 2 timestamps should be within seconds of each other.

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