need help resolving issue with vmware guest server nic becoming unresponsive

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I have a 2012 guest server on a VMWare 5.5 host server that works fine, but one nic (E1000) will randomly stop passing traffic; usually after a day or two. Disabling and re-enabling the nic brings it back to life. This only happens on one of the two nics.

The 2nd nic is on a management vlan and does not have a gateway, but always is available.

Any ideas what would cause this and how to fix?
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For 2012, E1000 nics are not fully supported on server 2012 because they are legacy..

You should change the nic driver to VMXNET 3 for server 2012 and 2012R2
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Make sure you have VMware Tools installed to support the replacement of the E1000 nic, with the VMXNET3 interface.

Install vmware tools like andrew said from the preview answer and remove e1000 network card after a VM stop then finally add a card from same vSwitch. It should be a vmxnet3 TYPE . PLease DONT USE DEFAULT CARD for this.

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