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CRM 2011 Close Quote Dialog Box customization/Ribbon Workbench

I am using Daniel Bergsten's blog to  change the default value from “Create a revised quote” to “Do not revise this quote” in the Close Quote dialog box.  The change in the blog is very well documented but I am having trouble deploying the revised aspx on a new button in Ribbon Workbench.  The modified aspx is call apl_dlg_close.apx so that it doesn't affect every user.

Daniel's blog post is at:

This is a part of the post:
CRM 2011 Close Quote Dialog Box customization

Here’s how to change the default value from “Create a revised quote” to “Do not revise this quote” in the Close Quote dialog box.

Find the file dlg_close.aspx in folder %programfiles%\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\CRMWeb\SFA\quotes and backup a copy of it.
Edit the file and insert the following script lines at:
Sys.Application.add_load(function() {
//Custom code to set default radio button Daniel Bergsten 130902
document.getElementById(“rdNoRevisedQuote”).checked = true;
document.getElementById(“rdCreateRevisedQuote”).checked = false;

The full code is on the link provided.  I have it working in IE as apl_dlg_close.aspx with warnings (wrong style quote marks, etc)

The revised version is under CRMWeb on the CRM server.  I want to create a new button to call apl_dlg_close.aspx but it has been a long time since I worked in CRM 2011 and Ribbon Workbench.  It is installed and a solution imported.

Any help from here would be appreciated.
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I hope you are aware that this is unsupported and I would not recommend this.

However, if you wish to continue...

Create a solution having a Quote entity and application ribbon component. Open Ribbon Workbench and open created solution. Add a ribbon button on Quote and target a JS web resource function which will call a modal dialog box with the url of said updated page.

This will just call the aspx page, it might work or not (if it needs compilation of any server side code, it will not work and you need to check for any workaround). I feel this would not work as expected.

Let us know what is the result or if you have any questions.
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Its not working and I cant find a workaround.   After correcting the 111 warnings for the wrong type of quotes and unclosed functions, it still returns a dialog box with a default of 'Create revised quote'

Is there a better to approach this?  Create a new dialog box?  Use functionality in Ribbon Workbench to create the desired behavior? (a quote close dialog box with a default of 'Do not revise this quote')

Thank you
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This sounds good, can you point me to a good html5 reference?  I have done html and xml development but not much HTML5

Thanks for your help, I am going to close this questions.

There are minor changes to HTML5 and as you already know HTML, this won't take long for you to understand. Before you begin your web resource development, keep in mind which browser you need to target to and accordingly select HTML/HTML5.
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I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

Accepted answer: 0 points for apollo7's comment #a41435711

for the following reason:

Provided thorough information about working through this issue
At least I can expect to get points for the alternate solution I suggested. I already have hinted, your proposed solution is not going to work.

Well, I have given alternate solution on comment #a41434863 already. Deleting the question does not make sense as there is an alternate approach already suggested.
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Hello SouthMod

This started as a question about modifying a native Microsoft aspx page which Rikin  informed me is an unsupported method but also gave me directions on how to modify it  (ID 41424704) if I wanted to go the unsupported way.

Despite Rikin's warning I tried it and got unexpected results, so I asked for a supported method.

Rikin  then advised me the approach of using a HTML5 web resource (ID: 41434863), which is the method I am pursuing and based on my progress,  I am confident that this will work so I accepted the solution of using a HTML5 web resource.

This seems to meets the EE rule that I "select only valid technical comments that provide a solution, or assistance towards a solution, .

I respectfully ask that you withdraw your objection and award Rikin the points

Thank you.
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This has solved my problem and I am using an HTML web resource as suggested by Rikin.