How to forward all existing emails in Exchange mailbox to an external address?

Carl Billington
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RE: Exchange 2010
Is it possible to forward all e-mails that have already been delivered to a specific mailbox to an external e-mail address? Powershell?
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Rob LeaverSr. Network & Server Engineer

Do you have access to both outlook (with the mailbox attached) and the external email address provider account? you could set up iMap in the outlook and drag all the files over.

Otherwise this can't be completed with powershell. You can export the pst with powershell but then you can't import that into gmail/hotmail ect.

Your best bet is to copy it - its also a lot easier.
Steven CarnahanAssistant Vice President\Network Manager

IF you have the ability to forward to an external address, it's a setting in Exchange, and you are using outlook you should be able to create a rule that does this for you.
The rule in Outlook only apply to new mail.
I resulted in exporting the mailbox to PST and sending it over. Not ideal.
Steven CarnahanAssistant Vice President\Network Manager

There is an option when creating a rule:

Run this rule now on messages already in "<mail folder ex. inbox>"

that you can place a check mark next to.


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