Force IE to open Microsoft Office documents from a temporary location other than Temporary Internet Files

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Good afternoon,

I have a web application that opens Office documents from a hyperlink.  I can alter the default download location for the 'Save' and 'Save as' options in the 'What do you want to do with filename.xlsx' pop-up, but the 'Open -  The file will not be saved automatically' option saves a temporary copy in the Temporary Internet Files location.

It would be wonderful if we could choose a location for downloads that are specific filetypes and/or domains.  We can only use IE.

There used to be an addon for firefox called Download Sort.  There was no version for IE.  It would be perfect if it worked in IE.

•Match by file extension, by keyword in the URL, or regular expression in the URL
•Option to save the file with the default filename automatically, prompt for filename in a specific folder, or prompt in the last used folder for that listing
•Four options in the case that the file already exists in the specified folder:  Prompt for a new filename, Auto-increment the filename, Cancel the download, Overwrite the existing file
•When a download is automatically canceled because of a duplicate, there are options to play an error sound and/or show the existing file in it's folder
•Save in sub-folders: date, actual domain, referring domain, extension, or complete URL hierarchy
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I am sorry that there are no such addon for IE and you cannot change the default behavior of saving the opened file in the temporary internet files location.
Yea, you cant do that stuff in IE by design. The downloading of files is a big deal from a security point of view so they have to make it really clear to the user that nothing is automatically doing things in the background. IE is never going to allow that to be messed with.

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