sccm 2012 device collection

Having hell of a time moving devices from one collection to a newly created collection. we have used "add selected items to existing device collection" but now we have duplicate devices in the previous collection and in the current collection. is this temporary until refresh or how do we remove the devices from its previous collection and remain in the new collection? our deployments are still hitting the devices we want to remove!!! your help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
GrizNation23IT DirectorAsked:
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Hi, these are the few options I can suggest.

Option 1:
1. Delete the old device collection and
2. Create a new collection for the new devices

Option 2:
1. Group the devices in your AD according to the new OU then
2. Create a new device collection for the OU

Option 3:
1. In your WQL statement put a WHERE clause that wont included the device for deployment.
GrizNation23IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
will try Maekel, thnx
venkatspbSenior Software EngineerCommented:
This is a trouble if the Device collections are not configured properly. Why dont you use query based collections. You can easily create a query based collection with OS versions.

How is the System discovery configured?
Are you following a OU structure? Or all the computers are created in Computers container?

The duplicate values will be automatically deleted by the internal mechanism.

If the deployments are triggering to the computers that you dont want to -- may be the computers are present in multiple collections.

Re-Organize your Device Collection structure and apply a standard procedure or proccess. This will help. Also always create collections limiting to a parent collections.


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GrizNation23IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
working on this week. ill post results. thnx
GrizNation23IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
went through and verified my query based collections. a lot of the values were not set, so I completed the settings and now have a clear collection. thanks very much
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