use the _ character at the start of an object name

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I have a large Access database with numerous tables, forms, queries etc.  There are a few of these objects that I modify all of the time and prefixing them with a _ (to ensure that they are at the top of my lists), would make life easier.  

Whilst I appreciate that this isn't the normal naming convention,  I was wondering if it could have any adverse effects?
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Naah. No adverse effect. Normally _ means a private variable. We usually use it in classes. So for example you have a class named Employee with a property EmpName. The public property will be named EmpName and the private variable would be named _EmpName.

But there is absolutely no adverse effect on code basis how you name your variables. You can name them _var1 or _Ilikelonganddescriptivevariablenames. There is no adverse effect on performance.
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Thank you Abhigyan - much appreciated.

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