Conveged Network Adaptor

Many of you using this type of network card, I am trying to understand how that works, hope someone will explain.
As I understand  that one card/switch support FoC,10GBe and 1GBE ,etc in once card.
My question is it going though one cable Or this card has to have mutiple ports, one for FC/FCoE, and another for 1GB ?
if i want these two network do i have to have a CNA card with two ports to connect two cable? that is one cable for FocE and another for 1GB.
i will appreciate if you put me a link/explanation.
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All traffic goes over the same wire, although often the CNA is dual-port so that you can connect to two different switches for failover/multipath capabilities.

Here's a Cisco doc that discusses it:
sara2000Author Commented:
It means that FCoE and 1GB goes out/in through single port, if that port goes down then we are in trouble that the reason some card has two port ,am I correct?

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