Neebie Issue - Need help with form validation using JavaScript

gavin_d used Ask the Experts™
I have been trying to work through tutorials on creating and  implementing validation using client side JavaScript.
While I have been able to get the HTML looking good. I just do not know where to start with the JavaScript.

I am looking for assistance / pointers / comments to start me off in the right direction.
Hopefully to develop this to a working solution.

I have attached a sample of the HTML form.

Any assistance however little gratefully received.
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Take a look at this plunker. It should help get you going. If you have specific questions feel free to ask in this thread.

It follows the direction you were headed in. Hopefully it makes sense.


Greg, many thanks, this has been very valuable.
What I will now be attempting to do is to create unique inputs for each of the fields to validate against.
What I have managed to create tonight - still does not work as such - but is much closer to a working form.
Again thanks for the pointers.
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Follow on from post.
Tried again, unsuccessfully to add validation. I had to abandon the work and return to a stripped down version of the HTML form, that I am trying to generate the validation for.
I am pretty sure I have got a handle on the regular expressions, it is the javascript to apply them, I keep failing with.
While I have approached many useful sites with great information, there seems to be more than one way to do this and I suspect I might be confusing the various methodologies.
Again any assistance or snapshots of library/template code that might allow me to move on past this.
Assistance would for this newbie, would be very much appreciated.

Can you please update the plunker ( with your most recent code changes. That way we can get the JS working as needed.


Hi Gregg,
I have pasted in the full version of what I was working with for you to look at. Don't know if this will save the changes.....
Have also attached here a version, in case the other does not work.
What I had been trying to work with - and what I had originally posted - was a snapshot of this overall form. This was to give me the option to learn to work out how to code the rest.
You may be able to look at this and you will see - that I have essentially lost myself by overcomplicating what I am trying to achieve.
If you are able again to give me again advice or indeed edit this down into a working example. That would be fab.


Hi Gregg, to clarify - It would be of great assistance, If you can give me advice and pointers on how I can work this towards a final solution,
I am currently working on the specific field - input validation format and this I intend to add into this code.
Here is a modified plunk. I only worked with the RunnerID. I hope this serves as a starting point so you can implement the rest.


Assistance, working towards a learned solution - this was very much appreciated

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