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Hello experts,

We need to setup a one-way trust for our company users (domain A) to access AD resources in another company (domain B).

I have put together what I think makes sense in the attached.

Please advise if there is something that I have missed.

Also, our domain controller servers are on WIN2K8 but both the forest and domain functional levels are on WIN2K3.

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Seems pretty straight forward. most of this is on DomainB, once you intitate the trust.
if there's an SBS server in the mix it'll not work, just as a heads up.
Maybe obvious, but you did not mention DNS settings - name resolution and routing are also important in establishing trusts
Jeff GloverSr. Systems Administrator

As long as you have the proper ports open between the domains, you should be fine. The note on DNS is  crucial. Make sure you have a conditional forwarder set in each domains DNS server pointing to the other domains DNS server(s). The forest and domain funtional levels are fine.


Thanks a lot, everyone.

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