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Cisco T1 configuration for T1 to Ethernet handoff for Sonicwall wan connection

I have an active, non-managed T1 connection that I've become responsible for implementing as a backup wan connection. There is a sonicwall firewall/router in place currently. There is no managed router or other device for the T1 connection at the moment, so I plan to put a spare cisco 1700 with a T1 card in to use as a "T1 to ethernet converter" of sorts. I do not believe you can accomplish this by simply bridging the T1 port and an ethernet port (please correct me if I'm wrong here), so just a basic config is needed. I have *some cisco experience, but I've never tried to configure one for this purpose, so I'm just trying to wrap my head around the config. Here's my current train of thought.

I have this IP information from my provider:
Network WAN IP:       XX.XXX.167.60
Carrier WAN IP:       XX.XXX.167.61
Customer WAN IP:       XX.XXX.167.62
LAN BLOCK:       YY.YYY.191.72 (this is a /30 block so I'm assuming .72 is the gateway, .73 and .74 are usable)
Line Coding/Framing:       B8ZS/ESF (for DS1s)

Proposed config:
Patch cable from T1/DS1 to cisco WIC

Interface serial 0/0
service-module t1 clock source line
service-module t1 timeslots 1-24 speed 64
service-module t1 framing esf
service-module t1 linecode b8zs
ip address XX.XXX.167.62
encapsulation pppfair-que
no shut

interface FastEthernet 0/0
ip address YY.YYY.191.73

patch cable from Eth0/0 to Sonicwall WAN interface

Sonicwall WAN interface
IP: YY.YYY.191.74
Gateway YY.YYY.191.72

What else am I missing? I'm a little foggy on the carrier/wan/local IPs, as far as which goes where, so I may have that wrong or completely fubar'd. Also, I would like for the cisco to do ZERO routing or anything else, as the sonicwall will handle that. Basically, the cisco should be a bridge, so if someone could help with commands to disable that, I'd be grateful.

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