windows 2003 server need help restoring active directory

trying to go through restoring this server from backup.

was able to extract the backup and restore but aduc is missing?  

It says its a dc when running dc promo but i didn't do that so the restore must have.

this is the only dc and i'm not sure what article to follow on this.

It boots ok but gets dll and snap in errors, can't view a lot things (like device manger or networking?)

please help!

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ChrisSr. Systems EngineerCommented:
What exactly did you restore?

Did you restore all the data and the system state?
Matt MinorTechnical Systems AnalystCommented:
System state was the first thing to pop in my mind as well. Did you perform the restore from active directory restore mode?
Matt MinorTechnical Systems AnalystCommented:
(Sorry... I meant DSRM, directory services restore mode).
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metalfubarAuthor Commented:
no i did not do that.  Should I  reinstall windows, dc promo then boot to DSRM and do the restore?
Matt MinorTechnical Systems AnalystCommented:
If you have system-state captured, reboot the server into DSRM and follow the guide here:

Don't reinstall the serverOS, that's why we have backups.
metalfubarAuthor Commented:
i installed stardard not r2 and I think thats the issue.

as a result, ntbackup isn't working and a lot of other things.  It did before the restore but not after.  

The backup is r2.
ChrisSr. Systems EngineerCommented:
So, I won't kid you now.. you might be in a bad place, so lets be very careful how we proceed, or you may just be starting over.:

1) is this your only domain controller? if yes, proceed below.
If no, just rebuild a new server, and do another dcpromo as a second DC.

You'll have to perform metadata cleanup on the first DC, but that's not too tough.

2) is this your only DC, and your ntback on an external drive?
if yes, you may still be okay. *yikes, proceed very cautiously*
remove the external usb drive, so we don't corrupt the data.
rebuild the server now, with the R2 version of windows. enable windows backup, and then perform a full restore from the external drive.

With any luck, **cross ur fingers** , reboot the system, and it should come back up.. Though you may have some errors, etc, that you'll need to research, and fix.

You may want to wait and see if any other experts have any suggestions, before proceeding to quickly.
metalfubarAuthor Commented:
this IS the only dc.  If i reinstall 2003 R2 thats ok.  

do i still dc promo before and do the authoritative restore first?

I only care about AD on this.  

thx for your help.

metalfubarAuthor Commented:
can someone point me to a download of windows 2003 R2 and i have the cd keys?
ChrisSr. Systems EngineerCommented:
you cannot download 2003 anymore.. Its past EoL. There is no support or downloads for anything older then 2008.
metalfubarAuthor Commented:
i have the media now.  testing the reinstall.  the first one was sp1 and this one will be sp2.

Let me know if there's a work around to all the errors I'm getting?

R. Andrew KoffronownerCommented:
if you have a full backup.
just install windows (whtever version was on the server) , make machine name, simple user/pass
reboot hit F8 choose the directory restore boot option
load the backup and restore, and choose the restore from your backup.
metalfubarAuthor Commented:

so i don't need to install AD first before the F8 in dsrm?

thanks does anyone have a 2003 r2 trial key or can point me to one?  my oem keys are not working.
metalfubarAuthor Commented:
i have the trial key if someone is stuck and needs.  

Please elaborate on if I need to dcpromo and create a domain before the f8 DSRM restore?

ChrisSr. Systems EngineerCommented:
No, you don't, as long as you have the DSRM restore. That restoration will restore the services to the state they were in at the previous backup.

If you have a windows backup, you can also restore from windows backup, by restoring the system state of a domain controller.

Here are a couple links to help out..
metalfubarAuthor Commented:
i have a system state backup only but only care about AD.
metalfubarAuthor Commented:
i also want to confirm that this is the only DC.
metalfubarAuthor Commented:
same thing as before.  i go to F8 and choose the defaults under ntbackup.exe and the same issue occurs.  no aduc and a ton of dll and snap errors.  the dc already thinks its a dc after the restore.  

the server is unusable.  

do I need to do the following to get the ADUC to restore?

o start the Windows Server 2003 backup utility, click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click Backup.
This procedure provides steps for restoring from backup in Wizard Mode. By default, the Always Start in Wizard Mode check box is selected in the Backup or Restore Wizard. If the Welcome to the Backup Utility Advanced Mode page appears, click Wizard Mode to open the Backup or Restore Wizard.
On the Welcome to the Backup or Restore Wizard page, click Next.
Click Restore files and settings, and then click Next.
Select System State, and then click Next.
On the Completing the Backup or Restore Wizard page, click Advanced.
In Restore files to, click Original Location, and then click Next.
Click Leave existing files (Recommended), and then click Next.
In Advanced Restore Options, select the following check boxes, and then click Next:
Restore security settings

Restore junction points, but not the folders and file data they reference

Preserve existing volume mount points
ChrisSr. Systems EngineerCommented:
You may have to bite-the-bullet and manually, reregister all the DLLs.
Even then, I don't know if that will fix your issue. Who knows if you have other underlying issues, that you will have to additionally investigate. You'd have to evaluate every error in the event log, and research them all 1 at a time.

It sounds like your backup may not be complete, or corrupt somehow. Were the backups ever tested?

How many groups/accounts do you have in AD? It might be time to consider rebuilding AD. (Maybe even installing 2012.)
Continuing to pound away at this, may not be worth it.. If you don't have that many groups/accounts, it may be easier and faster to just start over.

something worth considering..
metalfubarAuthor Commented:
point is well taken and I have ordered a new server for a new domain.  

This is simply to save ad in its current state for a few months until the new domain is completely up and running.  thanks for your help.

metalfubarAuthor Commented:
I now feel that I can only extact AD manually into the newly installed OS.

Should I use dcpromo /adv to gain the necessary file from the system state bak file?

Please help!
ChrisSr. Systems EngineerCommented:
The System State consists of the following : Registry Files, System files, Active Directory database, COM+ Sysvol and Boot files.

The /adv switch will ignore the registry and system files and restore the AD database and possibly the Sysvol as well so no hardware information is restored so it does not matter what system the backup is from.

From what you've described so far, I don't know if /adv is gonna do anything for you.. Its tough to tell without seeing what your seeing, and having a deep understanding of all the issues you have.  You can try using it, however, my understanding, from what you've described, it not so much specificly with AD itself, but getting the AD tools to register, so you can see if there are any AD issues.  It sounds like you can't even see AD, to tell if there are any addition issues.

With that being said, you don't know what state AD is in, and even if you recovery the .dlls, you may be in a state, that you can't recover AD from anyways.

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metalfubarAuthor Commented:
I still have the windows server 2003 r2 eval license on the box.  Is there an easy upgrade path the the full version?  From what I've heard it's boot to cd and do the repair option?  i'd like to preserve settings.  

I'm going to try the dcpromo/adv thing monday and will let you know.  

this has been a very interesting case to say the least.

thx for your help.
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