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Starting AutoNumber field with 1,000 in MS ACCESS

  I have a database system where I have ORDER table (and order item table and others). The order table has a field called "Order Number".
  The data type of Order Number field is "AutoNumber", so naturally it begins with 1 in a brand new table.
  However the user wants that number to start from 1,000 instead. (Apparently when you give out the order number 1, it does not leave a good impression as opposed to 1,000).

  I thought about creating 999 empty records (so that each record has a number 1 thru 999 in order number field) and delete them. That way when the user clicks [CREATE NEW ORDER] button in Order Entry Form, the system will populate 1,000 in the order number field.

 Is there a better way of accomplishing this? Any possible issues that I am not aware of?
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