Add music to video but music volume needs to increase/decrease based on the volume in video

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Let's say I have a presentation I want to add music to. There are multiple durations of silence in the presentation. I would want to increase the music' volume during these points, otherwise the music volume should remain at a point where the presentation can be heard but the music is still in the background..

Does anyone know how to do this with Linux, FFMPEG, MLT, etc..

Please advise, thanks
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You can try to use a video editor like Pitivi or OpenShot.  I am not sure if they give you fine control over the audio track like lower or raising the volume, but you should be able to cut those sections out and paste them to a second audio track with a higher volume.


Yes but I need a command line function to do this automatically (this is an ongoing project)
Sorry, but to be honest I do not think there is such an option.

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