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I am trying to use a media query to change the color of the text "PRICE". But I'm having a problem finding the proper CSS selector to address .brandPrice.

<nav class="navbar-fixed-top">
                            <div class="containerFullBleed">
                                       <div class="rowFullBleed header">
                                             <div class="col-sm-12 text-center">
                                                  <p  class="logo"><span class="brandPrice">price</span><span class="brandLearman">learman</span>
                            <div class="containerFullBleed" id="brandHeader">
                                  <div class="rowFullBleed">
                                       <div class="col-sm-12">
                                            <p class="headerText  text-right">Full Site Coming Soon!<span class="paddingLeft50">Contact Us</span></p>

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Maybe something like: nav ~ p span .brandPrice

Help would be greatly appreciated
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MontoyaProcess Improvement Mgr
are you saying that you cant just hit it directly?

.brandPrice {
  color: blue;


The direct approach doesn't work. Not sure why?

Check out a jsFiddle at:

here working
it seems like @screen-xs-max is not linked.
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I will keep working on this.  Your example does work, but has problems when using the Bootstrap media query (this was imported as an external resource in the fiddle example).  

I don't think the issue is with Bootstrap media query because other modifications (change the footer background color, for example) do work as expected.

I'm not a jsFiddle expert and their documentation is thin.  Maybe its possible that I haven't successively loaded bootstrap.min.css. But still, it isn't working in my code either.

My thought is that it must be some kind of convoluted selector that's required.
have you tried $screen instead of @screen?


I need to stay within the Bootstrap framework, so no I haven't tried modifying the media query.
OK I have tracked down the problem. My less files were being compiled to the wrong css... the right name but wrong directory.


I'm not giving any points to my solution. Just commented in case others find tis useful in the future

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