Modifying the Ribbon in Access (using VBA)

Andy Brown
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I really need some pointers with the Ribbon within Access 2016.

Ideally, I want a single, customisable bar only along the top for my application.  I don't need the "Quick Access toolbar" or multiple Ribbons (with their tab headings) etc., as my application requires as much screen space as possible - with only few user functions along the top.

I would prefer to still use a single ribbon for my functions (rather than cobble together my own buttons, which never look as good) - but all of the other stuff is not required.

Any ideas
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Andy, you can no longer create commandbar menus for your forms, but you create your own ribbons using the tool available here.

Another option would be to place a couple of command buttons in your form header and have the click event of those raise shortcut menus, this is a technique I use often.  I have written three articles on how to create and use shortcut menus here in EE (search for "Commandbar", then check the Articles checkbox).
Andy BrownDeveloper


Great stuff - thank you so much for the help.

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