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what is the way to get get path dynamically as I am getting Getting while using FileStream

Hi Experts,

I am trying to read text file which works great on my local but when I deploy it on server it creates problem because the path on server is different as that of my local.

My Local Path:
Server Path:

So in code I have used like this: +  new FileInputStream("./Project/File.txt")

It works great on my local but fails when I deploy it on server, reason is path.

Is there any way I could make it dynamic so that it could itself detect the right path ?

Looking forward to hearing from you.
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You could also use a system property for the path and specify it on the command line
java -Dmypath=C:\Folder1\Project\ MyProgram

Or pass in the path as an argument to your program.
java MyProgram C:\Folder1\Project\ MyProgram
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Apologies for late response. Thanks a lot for your help.
You're welcome!