Blocking issue+SQL Server 2012

Hi All,

We are facing blocking issue  with below command while restoring full DB backup with NORECOVERY option (while configuring DB mirroring). We are trying to kill below process but again and again below command is causing blocking issue.

Can you please advise how to fix this blocking issue.

Command that is causing blocking issue:
(@_msparam_0 nvarchar(4000))SELECT
ISNULL((case dmi.mirroring_redo_queue_type when N'UNLIMITED' then 0 else dmi.mirroring_redo_queue end),0) AS [MirroringRedoQueueMaxSize],
ISNULL(dmi.mirroring_connection_timeout,0) AS [MirroringTimeout],
ISNULL(dmi.mirroring_partner_name,'') AS [MirroringPartner],
ISNULL(dmi.mirroring_partner_instance,'') AS [MirroringPartnerInstance],
ISNULL(dmi.mirroring_role,0) AS [MirroringRole],
ISNULL(dmi.mirroring_safety_level + 1, 0) AS [MirroringSafetyLevel],
ISNULL(dmi.mirroring_state + 1, 0) AS [MirroringStatus],
ISNULL(dmi.mirroring_witness_name,'') AS [MirroringWitness],
ISNULL(dmi.mirroring_witness_state + 1, 0) AS [MirroringWitnessStatus],
CAST(case when dmi.mirroring_partner_name is null then 0 else 1 end AS bit) AS [IsMirroringEnabled],
ISNULL(dmi.mirroring_guid,'00000000-0000-0000-0000-0000000000000000') AS [MirroringID],
ISNULL(dmi.mirroring_role_sequence,0) AS [MirroringRoleSequence],
ISNULL(dmi.mirroring_safety_sequence,0) AS [MirroringSafetySequence],
ISNULL(dmi.mirroring_failover_lsn,0) AS [MirroringFailoverLogSequenceNumber],
dtb.is_ansi_null_default_on AS [AnsiNullDefault],
dtb.is_ansi_nulls_on AS [AnsiNullsEnabled],
dtb.is_ansi_padding_on AS [AnsiPaddingEnabled],
dtb.is_ansi_warnings_on AS [AnsiWarningsEnabled],
dtb.is_arithabort_on AS [ArithmeticAbortEnabled],
dtb.is_auto_shrink_on AS [AutoShrink],
dtb.is_cursor_close_on_commit_on AS [CloseCursorsOnCommitEnabled],
dtb.is_concat_null_yields_null_on AS [ConcatenateNullYieldsNull],
dtb.is_numeric_roundabort_on AS [NumericRoundAbortEnabled],
dtb.is_quoted_identifier_on AS [QuotedIdentifiersEnabled],
dtb.is_read_only AS [ReadOnly],
dtb.is_recursive_triggers_on AS [RecursiveTriggersEnabled],
dtb.is_local_cursor_default AS [LocalCursorsDefault],
dtb.page_verify_option AS [PageVerify],
dtb.recovery_model AS [RecoveryModel],
dtb.user_access AS [UserAccess],
dtb.is_db_chaining_on AS [DatabaseOwnershipChaining],
dtb.is_auto_update_stats_async_on AS [AutoUpdateStatisticsAsync],
dtb.is_date_correlation_on AS [DateCorrelationOptimization],
dtb.is_trustworthy_on AS [Trustworthy], AS [Name],
dtb.database_id AS [ID],
dtb.create_date AS [CreateDate],
dtb.is_auto_create_stats_on AS [AutoCreateStatisticsEnabled],
dtb.is_auto_update_stats_on AS [AutoUpdateStatisticsEnabled],
dtb.is_parameterization_forced AS [IsParameterizationForced],
dtb.is_read_committed_snapshot_on AS [IsReadCommittedSnapshotOn],
dtb.is_auto_close_on AS [AutoClose],
dtb.is_broker_enabled AS [BrokerEnabled],
CAST(isnull(dtb.source_database_id, 0) AS bit) AS [IsDatabaseSnapshot],
ISNULL(DB_NAME(dtb.source_database_id), N'') AS [DatabaseSnapshotBaseName],
dtb.is_fulltext_enabled AS [IsFullTextEnabled],
dtb.service_broker_guid AS [ServiceBrokerGuid],
dtb.snapshot_isolation_state AS [SnapshotIsolationState],
(dtb.is_published*1+dtb.is_subscribed*2+dtb.is_merge_published*4) AS [ReplicationOptions],
suser_sname(dtb.owner_sid) AS [Owner],
ISNULL(dtb.log_reuse_wait,0) AS [LogReuseWaitStatus],
drs.recovery_fork_guid AS [RecoveryForkGuid],
drs.database_guid AS [DatabaseGuid],
CAST((case when drs.last_log_backup_lsn is not null then 1 else 0 end) AS bit) AS [HasFullBackup],
CAST(case when in ('master','model','msdb','tempdb') then 1 else dtb.is_distributor end AS bit) AS [IsSystemObject],
CAST(case when ctb.database_id is null then 0 else 1  end AS bit) AS [ChangeTrackingEnabled],
CAST(ISNULL(ctb.is_auto_cleanup_on,0) AS bit) AS [ChangeTrackingAutoCleanUp],
ISNULL(ctb.retention_period,0) AS [ChangeTrackingRetentionPeriod],
CAST(ISNULL(ctb.retention_period_units,0) AS tinyint) AS [ChangeTrackingRetentionPeriodUnits],
dtb.containment AS [ContainmentType],
dtb.default_language_lcid AS [DefaultLanguageLcid],
dtb.default_language_name AS [DefaultLanguageName],
dtb.default_fulltext_language_lcid AS [DefaultFullTextLanguageLcid],
ISNULL(dtb.default_fulltext_language_name,N'') AS [DefaultFullTextLanguageName],
CAST(dtb.is_nested_triggers_on AS bit) AS [NestedTriggersEnabled],

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Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
This seems a script to create a database.
Can you run the following command and post the result here?

NOTE: Replace 'D:\BackupFileName.bak' with the real path and backup file name.
mssql_v2005Author Commented:
Pls find the output of above command
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
So, you have a 200GB transaction file to be restore. That means you'll need to wait for the system to create a file with that size before starts the restore.
You have 2 options:


Wait for Restore to finish - this can take long minutes


Perform a transaction log backup then shrink the transaction log file and perform a full backup. Restore from that full backup

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mssql_v2005Author Commented:
We are configuring DB mirroring from principle to Mirror. So 1st we took full backup & Tlog backup of principle server. While restoring these backups on Mirror server we are facing blocking issues with above command.

On Option 2:
Step 1: Perform T log backup
Step 2: shrink log file
Step 3: Perform full backup
Step 4: Again perform Tlog backup
Step 5: Restore full (step 3) and Tlog (Step 4) backup on mirror server
Step 6: delete step 1Tlog backup

Does this make sense?
mssql_v2005Author Commented:
Can we avoid blocking issue using above steps? Pls confirm
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
Step 4 isn't necessary.
Since the restore with a smaller transaction log is faster I think you wouldn't have the blocking issue.
Looking forward for your feedback.
mssql_v2005Author Commented:
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