how can i schedule this exchage shell command

Get-Mailbox -OrganizationalUnit "OU=3rd Party Contractors,DC=company,DC=co,DC=uk" | Set-Mailbox -CustomAttribute1 "ExcludeFromAllUsers"

I have tried several commands on internet but nothing works
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Have you tried saving it as a .ps1 file and running it from task scheduler within Windows?....
dougdogAuthor Commented:
yes but cant seem to get the commands right
What errors are you seeing?...
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Thomas GrassiSystems AdministratorCommented:
You need to load the exchange powershell set first

create yourself a batch file that will call your powershell script and will load the exchange shell also

This is how I do it

@echo off
PowerShell.exe -PSConsoleFile "D:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Bin\ExShell.psc1" -Command "./EASDevicestats.ps1"

This works then you can add the batch file to your task schedular

Of course you can name your powershell what ever you want

dougdogAuthor Commented:
do you create a util folder on the c drive and copy ps1 script file into it?
Thomas GrassiSystems AdministratorCommented:
yes you can or what ever folder you wish to use

put the ps1 and cmd file in the same folder
dougdogAuthor Commented:
Thomas Thats bang on perfect i have been messing about for ages trying to get this to work
Excellent thank you so much

would it be hard to get this task to email success /failure??
Thomas GrassiSystems AdministratorCommented:
It will be successful for sure

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dougdogAuthor Commented:
perfect thanks again appreciate it
Thomas GrassiSystems AdministratorCommented:
Glad I was able to help
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