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Delete Text of a record under a field in an Access 2016 Query (not update query) and I need to replace Some Text Completely.

I am running a query on a table and the query is all set with the exception of I need to change some text.  KEEP in mind I am a newbie with ACCESS and I am making all changes from the "Design View" on a query.  So if you are not using this route it will not help me that much right now.

Question 1:
I have a field name "Categories"
I have multiple records like below under that field like below:

SDBS Microsoft

I need to get rid of "SDBS" but then keep the rest of the string.  So "SDBS SES" would only become "SES"

This has to be in a query and not an update for my purposes.

Question 2:

I need to completely change the text of a record to something entirely different.

For Example I need "SDBS Link" to be change to "Messenger"
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