correct remote server time using psexec or similar

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I have a server which I am unable to RDP to as I get an error about the time on the server being incorrect.

I am trying to use psexec to run "net time /set" on th remote server.

I run "psexec \\servername cmd"

followed by "net time /set"

I get an access denied. How to I specify a username and password in psexec.
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the issue that the time issue is preventing the authentication of any user by any means so short of using of a local admin account you are out of luck and would need to use local access either via RDP or locally.
Matt MinorTechnical Systems Analyst
The time on the server should be in sync with a domain controller. shouldn't need to update time manually.

However for future reference, PSEXEC can be passed credentials as follows, with the -u switch.

psexec \\servername -u domain\domainuser cmd


Thanks for the advice

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