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I am unable to activate Office 2016. I am trying to upgrade a user from Office 2010 to 2016. I removed 2010 then used a license code to download and install office 2016. I tied it to my Microsoft  account, then followed the instructions to install it. The program installed properly and all is well - EXCEPT I can't activate it. When I open the program it gives me a list of all of the copies of Office 2016 I have tied to my Microsoft account. When I pick one (Any one) it won't let me continue. If you look at the picture attached you'll see even though I have a license chosen the continue button stays grayed out. I can't get passed it. I tried restarting as well as "Signing in as another user" but it stays grayed out.

More information:

-Dell PC recently upgraded from Windows 8.1 to 10.
-Uninstalled Office 2010 first
-Both versions are Home and Business

One more thing I should point out - When I upgraded the user from Windows 8.1 to 10 it asked me to re-activate Office 2010. I told the user not to bother because I would be upgrading her Office version the next day. Not sure if that's important or not.
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have you try running the activation/Office as administrator.

Close office. Then right click on the icon on the desktop and try "Run as administrator".
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The product you are trying to activate is a subscription account (your screenshot). You do not download these - subscription is click to run.

So is your Microsoft Account a subscription account?  or a business account?


You were absolutely correct and I feel silly for not thinking of it. As soon as I switch to my own account the product automatically activated. I went back in to the user's account to confirm it was set.  That's all it was! Thanks.

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