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Cisco wireless controller 2500

Hello Experts,

I ran out POE switches and I connected the access point to PORT 3 of the cisco 2500 CONTROLLER. I see the access point LED turned green but I do not see it getting discovered.

Can you please assist me in getting this working.

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Matt Minor
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Does port 3 have a configured interface in the WLC?
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smart Z


How do I Check that?
you should read WLC logs, they will tell you why they do not join (might be dhcp issues, vlan assignements, etc.).

One way to thelp AP to find WLC is either give them a fixed IP and/or give them the IP of WLC.
You can do that by connecting to AP via console cable and issue the following commands:

lwapp ap controller ip address x.y.z.w

capwap ap ip address x.y.z.w

hope this helps
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I am sure the discovery process is not an issue. I want to check PORT 3 in the controller if it is in VLAN 1.
You need to log in to the management interface of the controller and verify that Port 3 is configured.

Here is the configuration guide for the WLC. If the admin who set this up is still around, I'd suggest getting them to take a look for you before making any changes.
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I login to the controller and clicked on the controller tab and clicked on the interfaces. I have 2 interfaces that correspond to the the 2 WLANs, Plus one for management shows physical port 0 and one says virtual has an IP only.

I clicked on the ports under controller and I see 3 PORTS UP 1,2 and 3.

The issue is the port 3 is not associated with WLAN interfaces mentioned above. I need to have this port to be part of the AP Manager for this AP that is connected directly to WLC gets discovered.

Note that all other APs are connected to another POE switch and I ran out of space.
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Craig Beck
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Thank you Craigbeck.

You solved my issue and I understand better now.