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49.4C02 Error

We have an HP 4250 printer that just started showing a 49.4C02 error today. Looking around online, it looks like everyone says it has to do with Adobe or other PDFs but this printer is doing it no matter what I print. I've power cycled it, cleared the print queue but nothing has fixed it. I've tried printing Word documents, test page, etc. but every time I do, it immediately gets the 49.4C02 error.
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I have that printer at a client and it works fine. The following article suggests memory error, firmware problem, or problems with the connection.

Read through the second post in the article.
In Firmware readme says there were fixes for that 49.4C02 error in various versions.

Since 49.xxxx are firmware crashes, it won't mean the latest fw will fix it, but it will be your best shot:
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memory error, firmware problem or formatter board.   The last one was also in the article I posted. All these mean getting the printer serviced. We print Word, Excel and Adobe files on our client 4250.

Can you try a different printer with the same printout?
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All other printers are fine with the same print jobs. I'll give the firmware update a shot first.
That likely means a hardware issue with this printer if firmware does not solve it.
I removed it from the server, re-installed it on the server and then had the users add the printer from the network again. That resolved the issue. Thanks!
Glad to help. That is a kind of a check list I go through whenever I see that code.  Seems to be the most common solution is remove and re-install but I have had all of the other solutions work as well.