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VLC Player settings

nav2567 asked
Last Modified: 2016-02-01

I install VLC Player on our Citrix servers (version 7.6).  

We login as an administrator and set up preferences such as "no updates", and certain extensions to be used by VLC.  

We want to configure so that when a regular user login, they cannot change the above preferences.  

Can UPM undo all changes from the users?  If yes, can someone advise how to do that?

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CoralonSenior Citrix Engineer

It depends on where the configuration is stored at..

The configuration file gets stored in the user profile.  So, the easiest thing to do would be to setup a login script to automatically copy in the configuration file into their profile, and have it it automatically change the permissions & owner, or you could possibly dynamically create a symbolic link for it.

So.. if you look at my article http://www.experts-exchange.com/articles/9235/How-USRLOGON-CMD-processing-works.html.

Something like:
@echo off
if exist "%appdata%\vlc\vlcrc" goto end
md "%appdata%\vlc"
copy <path to preconfigured>\vlcrc "%appdata%\vlc"
cacls "%appdata%\vlc\vlcrc" /g system:f %username%:r administrators:f

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or the symbolic link route:
@echo off
if exist "%appdata%\vlc\vlcrc" goto end
md "%appdata%\vlc"
mklink "%appdata%\vlc\vlcrc" <path to preconfigured>\vlcrc

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There are plenty of other ways to do this, but these are the first 2 that come to mind.



Thanks.  Using UPM let a standard config file overrides the user setting when she logout and log in again.

A lot of users they do not logout and have their Citrix sessions overnights.  For these kind of users, if they checked "Auto Update" in preferences, they will affect the software and other users.  

How can we prevent that action?  I tried to create a VLC shortcut to launch the apps using http://eddiejackson.net/wp/?p=4614 but the parameters do not seem to be invalided.

Please advise again.

Senior Citrix Engineer
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