Indexing issue in OUtlook


On searching the mail items in mailbox, some of users are facing issue; following message appears;

Search results may be incomplete because items are still being indexed. Click here for more details

and indexing starts again next morning.

is this the issue at Exchange end?
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Usually the Outlook index needs little maintenance, however, what I would do on the problem machines is:

Run chkdsk to make sure your drive is ok
Go to the control panel and select Indexing Options.
Select Outlook and click the advanced button.
Under settings take the rebuild option.

Sometimes indexing gets stuck and this helps.
Also, check for what is being indexed on the PC. You shouldn't be indexing everything as it makes the index very large.

If that doesn't work, turn off all indexing. Then turn on
Matt MinorTechnical Systems AnalystCommented:
This EE thread is directly related to your issue and has been solved by rebuilding the search index.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You might wish to remake your local OST file and once that has completed, re-index again.

So start this morning, remake the OST file (normally takes a while). At the end of the day, go to Control Panel, Index options, make sure Users and Outlook both show in Locations and then go to Advanced and Rebuild the Index. Let it run overnight and check tomorrow morning.
Akhilesh KatkarTechnical Support Engineer / Technical AnalystCommented:
An Action Plan, would make ur Indexing issue fixed

Firstly look for the source of the issue, which is causing Search issues. Open Eventviewer, Windows Logs -- Application.  and apply filter as in below.
at 3rd point, Make sure all Search related components are selected

Search Application Event Logs and look for event ids: 10023, 10024, 3083 and 3036.

• Event id 3036/3083/3037 .. such series mentions it’s a gatherer issue. We need to repair office suite and rebuild indexing. If unresolved, reinstall Office suite and rebuild indexing.
• Event id 10023/10024 .. such series mention, the issue is caused because of pdf applications, i.e. ifilter is causing issues.  Check the PDF applications installed and remove them from indexing options (like C:\\ is removed from below screenshot) or else uninstall the program for testing purpose and check the behavior

Post this step, re-build indexing, follow steps as below.

 • Rebuild Windows indexing and check for Outlook Search results.(please check the below steps to speed up indexing)
      Windows Indexing -- Advanced -- File Types.
      Check for each file type; eml, msg, pst, ost,  
      "index content and file properties"  option is selected as per screenshot.
• Make sure that indexing is completed.
      How to Speed up Indexing
1. To speed up the completion of the indexing process, disable the WDS BackOff Logic.
To do this, add the following registry :
DWORD: UseLowPriorityConfiguration
            Value: 0
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Search\Gathering Manager
DWORD: DisableBackoff
Value: 1
2. stop/restart the Search Service using the following command-lines (On the Start menu click Run):
a. Net Stop WSearch
b. Net Start WSearch
(you can ignore if any of the registry is not getting modified)

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