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ServerRAID M5014 Controller Virtual Drive Degraded

I have a server with a ServerRAID M5014 controller and I manage it using MegaRaid Storage Manager.

I have two virtual drives set up.

Drive Group 0 utilizes physical drives in slot 0 and 1 and is RAID 1 for the OS.

Drive Group 1 utilizes physical drives in slots 2-7. The drive in slot 7 was a dedicated hot spare and it failed. I took the drive offline and removed then inserted a new drive. I tried to make it a dedicated hot spare on Drive group 1 but it only gives me the option of making it a dedicated hot spare on Drive Group 0. I can make it a Global Hot Spare but when I do that Drive Group 1 still says it's degraded? I'm at a loss. What am I missing????

Thank you in advance for any and all help.
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