ServerRAID M5014 Controller Virtual Drive Degraded

clifford_m71 used Ask the Experts™
I have a server with a ServerRAID M5014 controller and I manage it using MegaRaid Storage Manager.

I have two virtual drives set up.

Drive Group 0 utilizes physical drives in slot 0 and 1 and is RAID 1 for the OS.

Drive Group 1 utilizes physical drives in slots 2-7. The drive in slot 7 was a dedicated hot spare and it failed. I took the drive offline and removed then inserted a new drive. I tried to make it a dedicated hot spare on Drive group 1 but it only gives me the option of making it a dedicated hot spare on Drive Group 0. I can make it a Global Hot Spare but when I do that Drive Group 1 still says it's degraded? I'm at a loss. What am I missing????

Thank you in advance for any and all help.
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I'm familiar with the MegaRaid Storage Manager as I used to manage a lot of JBODs with it.  Is there any way to get down to  the bios level RAID controller instead, and see if you can fix things there???
clifford_m71IT Manager


Thanks Dazer,

That was going to be my next step. I was hoping to avoid rebooting the server (it's our exchange server). I'm going to try a simple reboot first. See if that "resets" the controller. If the logical drive still says degraded after that I will go into the bios and see what I can try there.
What steps did you go through to remove the bad drive?  MegaRAID has some specific steps to go through to "mark as bad..."
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RojoshoRTCC-III Level-2 Support

Hello clifford_m71,

I may have gotten this wrong, but by 'offline', did you power off the server?  It does not sound like it as this is your Exchange server, but i wanted to make sure.  Failed HDDs must be replaced while the Array Controller is alive.

Just wanted to be sure...

IT Manager
My appologies to everyone. When I received the replacement drive I took it on faith that it was the correct drive. The other drives in the Array are 1.2TB. The drive IBM sent me was 300GB. That is why the drive would not rebuild. Again, I appologize for the oversite on my part.
clifford_m71IT Manager


There was an oversight on my part. I was using the wrong size hard drive when trying to rebuild the array.

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