Has anybody experience with the company Docware in Germany ?

I know that this question does not fit necessarily in this context , but I would like to know what's going on with this company . Maybe someone here ever contact me this company had , and can tell me anything about this company.

Background of my question here is the fact that this company in my region is the only which programmed their application in Delphi , and this is looking for a Senior Delphi software developer since the fall of the 2014th Maybe this vacancy has been filled in the meantime , but since the fall of 2015 to now this vacancy is open again.

Of course I have each applied for this vacancy , because I really enjoy working with Delphi . Unfortunately my applications were rejected fairly quickly . It did not even come for an interview , although my references and experience is unparalleled (subjective opinion). Of course I am disappointed , but I accept this decision . Nevertheless, I would like to know more about this company , precisely because the choice to fill this vacancy in my view, probably not carried out objectively .

Would be glad if someone can tell me anything about this company , about his experiences .


meikl :-)
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Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
They rejected you ?
Maybe because you'r only second on the top experts Delphi list ?
We have a Delphi job here ... but that's probably out of your region.
Euh ... funny the job opening is missing.
Seems I don't need replacing ... :/
Maybe it will popup again sooner or later

I got the lid on the nose too a few times.
Too fixed on known techniques ... wow I thought that was called "experience".

Try and find people who work there, get to know them and let them bring you forward
Nowadays internal people get a bonus for bringing in someone new.
And those people usually get preference over others.

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kretzschmarAuthor Commented:
Hi Geert,

you're right , that's too far away . Nevertheless, thanks for your offer . That could be the reason that is available only in 2nd place ... lol

In the rejection letter I was told that the company had some candidates who would fit better for this vacancy. Nevertheless, this vacancy will continue to be offered on various job placement exchanges , and displayed on the company's Internet presence . The turn that statement very implausible in the rejection letter. Furthermore, it is my region more of a C # and Java domain , there is no experienced Delphi developers to find nearby. Therefore, I wonder also whether this company is reputable.

Thanks for your Comment, Geert

meikl :-)
kretzschmarAuthor Commented:
>Euh ... funny the job opening is missing.
i didn't enable it on my profile, maybe thats the cause, should it enable .... ;)
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
the job opening is missing in my company
after verifying ... it's not public yet
kretzschmarAuthor Commented:
closing this question, thanks for your advice geert
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