Backup DC Restore - Problems creating users etc

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Hi, yesterday we broke active directory, fixing it was a nightmare and the only way in the end was to do a complete DC restore. This has caused a few issues which I need help getting around please?

One of which is creating users.

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It sounds like you may have some significant issues with the restore of the Domain Controller, it would be useful to know what process you completed to restore the DC and what the environment looks like as a whole:

Number of Domain Controllers
Version of Server OS

There are a lot or articles out there that would be useful but it would seem the following is most relevant to your issue at present:
Restoration of a relative identifier (RID) master can result in corruption of the Active Directory database.

The first item to look at I would suggest is HERE but if the system just isnt working correct and/or you can not fix the AD your self would be to open a ticket with Microsoft direct.

No doubt others on here have had the same experience and had to deal with issues after a DC restore and maybe able to give you some more pointers on the exact error but in my experience to ensure the system no longer has gremlins that my pop up later that call with a MS engineer is invaluable
I fixed this with a backup I had


I fixed this by restoring backups..

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