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Mapping drive via group policy

Hi Experts,

I am trying to create a universal drive shared by everyone on my home (2008R2) network via group policy but it is not working.

If the shared folder is located C:\UDrive on computer named HPENVYDESKTOP is the correct GPO location \\HPENVYDESKTOP\UDrive ?
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Also is the share called UDrive ?  folder is not always share name, and check permissions and make sure if the share has a $ at the end you include that.

You should be able to see the share if you open \\HPENVYDESKTOP\
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Rob Leaver,

Yes I have the AD role installed on my two DCs.

When I try to follow the instructions in your link at item 5 Network Share Settings I am trying to set the folder path. I am Using the Folder Selection dialogue box to navigate to the shared folder which is located on the C: drive of one of the network computers (HPENVYDESKTOP) but when I click the network icon on the navigation tree no computers are showing up. The computer is definitely on the netwok because I can log into it and use it.
Have you set up the folder to be shared?

Properties > sharing > Advanced sharing then adjust the permissions accordingly.

Make sure you have network discovery is also enabled.
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Rob Leaver,

Thanks I can now see the shared folder if I click the network icon in windows explorer and click the icon of the computer that the drive is physically located on.

Is it possible to have the shared folder icon in a more accessible place? I am sure I have seen the shared folder icon located in the blank space below the network icon in windows explorer.
DColin -

You would have to map the share to your computer manually to have it in more of an accessible place but if you're deploying via GPO then this would defeat the point. Now you've able to view the share, you should now be able to deploy it via GPO.

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Rob Leaver,

Yes it deploys via GPO but the user has to open it via the network icon, Is this normal and if a user wants the folder icon more accessible then they have to then map it themselves. Or could GPO do this also?
No - this is telling me the folder is just shared and the user can access it over the network because you've shared it.

This tells me your group policy isn't working. Have you run gpupdate /force and restarted the users computer?

You would have picked a drive letter it would be mapped to when setting up the GPO - it should show as a network drive under your users computer as that network drive.